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Data Breach Coverage

Two Male Businessmen Examining Technology Features on a Laptop

Data breaches involving nonpublic personal information of others can threaten your business – and they’re happening more often than ever. What’s more, you may be legally required to take action if nonpublic personal information others in your care is lost, stolen or inadvertently released.

Just a few ways such data breaches can happen include:

  • Lost Laptops, backup drives, or smartphones
  • Stored or shredded documents left unsecured on your premises
  • Hacked Database

Fortunately we can help you protect your business. Ridge Insurance Agency, Inc., and ERIE Insurance has partnered with Identity Theft 911, a leading provider of data risk management solutions, to offer business owners like you Data Breach Response Expenses Coverage.

Data Breach Response Expenses Coverage from ERIE Includes:

  • Expenses to notify the effected individuals of the breach
  • Legal and forensic costs to determine the extent of the breach and how best to respond.
  • Services to impacted individuals such as credit monitoring, a help line  and identity restoration case management.
  • Access to data security resources for your business.
  • Crisis resolution for your business.
  • The option to add Data Breach Liability coverage to cover third-party damages you are legally obligated to pay due to fraudulent use of nonpublic personal information of others that is lost, stolen or accidentally released, as well as costs to defend suits seeking such damages including settlement of covered personal data breach suit.

Help protecting your business from this growing threat by contacting Ridge Insurance Agency, Inc. today for more information and a free quote.